3 Toronto Events That Every Leader Must Attend (and what we can learn from them)

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3 Toronto Events That Every Leader Must Attend (and what we can learn from them)

Improve your leadership skills through these events and tips.

“When we learn to turn our focus from ourselves to others, the whole world opens up to us,” says John Maxwell, the writer of “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” Many say that some are born as leaders and others preach that leadership is learned. Whatever you may believe to be true, to be a great leader, there is no denying that it takes hard work and no matter what – there is always room to grow. We’ve created a list of traits held by some of the greatest leaders of our time and leadership events you can engage in, to learn from the very best during your stay here in Toronto.

1. Empathy and Integrity

A question that is always asked is, how do we as leaders become effective enough that we, in turn, affect the people around us with a sense of purpose and meaning? How do we learn to lead by teaching others to succeed and structuring a path for you and your team to innovate and create? If we look at historical leaders in the past, such as Abraham Lincoln, that have ignited change and purpose into the masses, it is their passion, integrity and showing empathy to those they want to reach.
Events such as Catalyst Canada Honour Conference is a great example that truly highlights leaders in different industries that have created lasting effects in their field. This year they celebrate Canadian speakers such as Erin Davis, the Director of Global Talent Engagement, who has stayed true to her passions for accelerating women into senior and executive-level roles; significantly impacting the workplace culture and driving change for women in the Edmonton community. Or Kona Goulet, Director of Inclusion, a fearless and proud Indigenous woman who has played a leadership role in establishing Inclusion and diversity in major companies such as BMO. With many more respectable speakers at this conference, this is a night to honour leaders who have stayed true to their passions and have lead a blaze to a new landscape in the workplace for all walks of life.

For tickets to this great event, click here.

2. Curiosity: Be a Student

It is true when we say that communication is the key to all failures and successes in life and business. As leaders, it is important to understand both: why you communicate and how your people will interpret what you say. Leaders like Simon Sinek encourage that curiosity must never be lost, no matter who you talk to. What is important to learn is how to ask good questions – this is a key indicator on how you and your team can approach problem-solving. While in the past asking questions has been seen as a weakness, it is certainly an undervalued asset to many in the workplace. Too often are controlling leaders who create missed opportunities because they have not cultivated their own inquisitive nature, and thus the workplace environment suffers.  
The Art of Leadership Conference tackles the challenges that leaders face in growth and how to navigate and understand the ever-changing landscape of your business. From actionable ideas to innovative strategies, you have the chance to engage with the best and the brightest. Let your curiosity go wild! This conference is tailored for leaders in mind and is a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals in various industries.

For more information about this conference, click here. 

3. The Ability to Create Relatability and a Sharing Culture

With the new generations making their way into the workforce, and innovations coming out into the marketplace left, right and center, understanding that the company culture is very much tied to your effectiveness as a leader is our final key quality to practice. The implications of the digital shift is a revolution that has changed the way we operate and communicate in the workplace.
The same says true with how leaders can impact the way a learning culture is shaped. When you define a culture that can support a team of mindsets that can openly learn from one another, and share a desire to search for knowledge with the organization’s goals in mind, that is where your leadership excels. Being able to communicate your culture in a way that inherently affects the learning behaviors of your team is a crucial detail that most company cultures today have not effectively practiced.
To transform the way you as a leader, define your company culture, the GROW: Leadership and Scale for the Creative Business is a workshop that is not to be missed. Just steps away from the Financial District, this is a 1-day workshop that offers the support and the ability to creatively think about your company long-term. Working with creators in the community, you are able to learn and approach your business objectively and experiment with new ways of working.

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To conclude, these 3 key qualities are easily found and hard to maintain. Being able to see the changes happening in the workplace, and learning from successful leaders from the past will provide new opportunities to thrive in your industry. Being a leader is no longer about just being responsible for the people on your team. Being a leader has transcended into a much larger impact: affecting the workplace landscape, shifting the norms of company cultures, and having the ability to be agile in an ever-changing industry. Toronto has become the place for businesses of all sizes to thrive and these events showcase our very best.