Choose The Best Suite According To Your Work Style

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Choose The Best Suite According To Your Work Style

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Physical space can impact a person’s mood, feelings and efficiency, so choosing accommodations during a business trip or long/short term stay is always an important decision. Here at Toronto Luxury Suites, we aim for our guests to feel as comfortable as possible and work towards providing them with a suite that serves all of their unique needs. With over 125 prime locations to choose from, finding the perfect luxury suite is a guarantee!

For our readers, here are five states of the art Toronto Luxury Suite properties that will help you be the most productive according to your personality!

1. The Go-Getter

If you are someone who is always focused on the task at hand, practical and avoids distractions, our “Dewdrop” suite is the perfect match for you! The structured setup and decor will allow you to stay concentrated and have easy access to anything that you will need. Located on Front Street, the private location of this property allows guests to choose between escaping the buzz of the city or joining it!

2. The Creative

“Friendship” is one of the best suites for anyone who considers themselves a creative. The open concept design of this modern suite will help drive your workflow! Moreover, the minimalist, bright and stylish decor can enable you to explore your creativity while also enjoying your surroundings fully!

3. Go With The Flow

Many of us need to relax before we can do our best work if this is you then “Garden” is the suite for you! Located in Yorkville, one of the best areas of Toronto, this spacious suite provides guests with privacy and quiet. Anyone staying at “Garden” has the opportunity to pamper themselves within the building through some of the amenities offered such as the sauna or by taking advantage of some of the nearby spas!

4. The Introvert

Not everyone thrives off of movement, and noise if this is you, “Pandora” will be your go-to! This comforting suite will make you feel right at home, and provide you with plenty of space to complete all your activities, without any distractions. In addition, you are able to take advantage of some of the great amenities within the building such, as the rooftop and sauna.

5. The Extrovert

Located in the heart of the Entertainment District, “Golden” is THE suite for all extroverts and social butterflies. It offers breathtaking views of the CN Tower and provides plenty of space for guests who are collaborators or work in teams! It is also a step away from some of the best restaurants, coffee shops and activities the city has to offer!

These are just some of the fantastic suites we offer at Toronto Luxury Suites, head to our website to discover more!