Shop, Dine & Pamper Yourself With All Canadian Brands

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Shop, Dine & Pamper Yourself With All Canadian Brands

Enjoy the Canadian Experience!

One of the best parts about travelling is exploring all of the cultures and experiences a city has to offer. Toronto is a culturally rich country, with many talented artists and top-notch experiences. From world-renowned restaurants to top-notch entertainment and A-list designers, Toronto has made a name for itself not just in Canada, but all around the world. So for our readers, here are three ways you can shop, dine and pamper yourself with all Canadian brands to make the most of your visit when staying at Toronto Luxury Suites!


Toronto is one of the most prominent fashion hubs in the whole country. Many talented Canadian designers are sought after by many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and even Royals like Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Mikhael Kale, Lucian Matis, Sentaler, and Greta Constantine are just of a few of the Canadian brands and designers that all of these celebs love, but perhaps one of the newest, and most buzz-worthy is Lesley Hampton. Hampton who offers both couture and ready-to-wear pieces focus on promoting body positivity, mental health awareness and diversity in all of her collections! Staying in Toronto provides a great opportunity to expand your wardrobe, and also explore the endless Canadian Fashion talent located in the city!


It is no secret that Toronto is a perfect city for all food lovers! Whether it is fine dining, a casual restaurant or even a snack some of the best food is located in this wonderful city. No matter the area, there is something to spark your taste buds everywhere you go! Alo one of the top one hundred restaurants in the world is located right in Yorkville, and owned by head chef and fellow Canadian Patrick Kriss! If you are looking for a one of a kind culinary experience, that takes you on a journey from beginning to end then Toronto is the city for you!


Travelling can be hectic, sometimes it is impossible to complete your entire self-care routine before you depart on a trip. However, arriving at a cosmopolitan city like Toronto makes this much less stressful. It is very convenient to have great hairdressers, spas, nail technicians, make-up artists and more right at your fingertips. Whether it is to treat yourself or to maximize time, some of our favourite Canadian companies that make getting ready for a special occasion easier are FancyFace and Tan On The Run. FancyFace specializes in make-up and hair, and is loved by many including Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney! Meanwhile, Tan On the Run will provide you with the perfect skin glow (it’s so good they are the go-to for the Raptors). Both of these will come to your venue of choice, give you the A-list treatment, and leave you wishing you had them back at home!


These are just some of the many top-quality, and successful Canadian brands located across Toronto. The list for all of these categories could be endless, and we encourage our readers to discover even more! By supporting Canadian businesses, and getting to know the different Canadian artists and individuals behind brands, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the city during their stay! Make sure to let us know through our socials what YOUR Canadian favourites are!