Frequently Asked Questions

For Our Guests and Services

  • Where are the nearest supermarkets?

    You can ask the concierge who will direct you accordingly.

  • How can we get items such as groceries delivered to us?

    All deliveries are brought to the building concierge who will ensure they are tagged and placed in a separate area. You will receive a call that your deliveries are available for pick up or you can call the concierge to enquire.

  • Can we have additional towels and bed sheets?

    Yes, however kindly consult your rate sheet to note the rental cost of these. If you agree to these rates, then please E-mail and advise our team of your requirements and agreement to charge your credit card.

  • Do we allow pets and if yes, what size?

    Some locations allow any pets of any size, while others have restrictions. We can check and advise.

  • Are the suites fully furnished?

    Yes, with all furnishing and fittings, including dishwasher, TV, washing machine/dryer, fridge, all kitchen utensils, etc.

  • Do you have unfurnished accommodations?

    No, all our suites are fully furnished.

  • Where are your locations in Toronto?

    Yorkville, Bay and College, Mid-town and King West.

  • Is there in-suite laundry?

    Yes, a washer and dryer provided.

  • Is smoking allowed in the suite?

    No, absolutely not. Nor is smoking permitted on the balcony.

  • Is there a list of all the items in the suite when we move in?

    Yes, this is by way of pictures we have taken and shown to you during the in-suite presentation.

  • Can we leave the keys with the concierge on departure?

    All keys should be returned as per the departure instructions. However, if you have a concern kindly E-mail our Move-in Specialist ( and advise.

  • How can we access the building amenities?

    Due to covid protocols, access to building amenities are scheduled by the concierge personnel.

  • If we have a problem, who should we contact?

    As per your welcome letter kindly E-mail However, in the event of fire or flood kindly contact the concierge first and then call our operations personnel at 416-901-3391.

  • Will someone come to the suite to check it prior to our moving out?

    No—our team will not be coming to your suite prior to checkout. ¬†We do ask that you advise us if any items were damaged. Our housekeeper will clean the suite after you have left.

  • What items do you provide in the suite?

    All kitchen equipment (plates, forks, spoons, knives, cooking utensils, pots and pans), fridge, washer/dryer, dishwasher, bed sheets, duvets, towels, TV etc.

  • What do we do with the suite keys when we are moving out?

    You will receive an E-mail with departure instructions about one week prior to your departure date, which will advise on the steps to return your suite keys.

  • What is the Internet password and it is reliable?

    The password is shown on your welcome letter. We use a “speed test” app to ensure the Internet speed is fast and reliable.

  • How do we check in?

    Our check-in process includes a meet-and-greet and in-suite presentation by our Move-in Specialist, who will be in contact with you.