Restaurants for the Whole Family

Restaurants for the Whole Family

The perfect night for everyone

Looking to spend some quality time with your family? Well, look no further. Toronto has a collection of family-friendly restaurants that will impress everyone of all ages. So the next time you are going on a family-outing, check out this list and prepare for the perfect meal.


From their signature smoked meat sandwiches to all day breakfast, and everything in-between, Caplansky’s thrives on customization that’ll keep you coming back for more. This is the perfect spot for sandwich lovers but their diverse menu will be a hit for everyone. For more information visit

Piano Piano 

Piano Piano aims to remind us to slow down, relax and enjoy life. This soulful Italian restaurant offers a traditional Italian menu, which is only complemented by the warm decor throughout the restaurant. This welcoming environment creates a fun space that will leave the whole family deeply satisfied. For more information visit


Venture out to one of Toronto’s oldest and most popular 24-hour diners. Their menu features classic items with a twist, including deep-fried cheese balls and their infamous apple pie milkshake. Enjoy the retro charm, memorable menu, and enticing atmosphere, any time of the day. For more information

Pizzeria Libertto 

Pizzeria Libretto boasts 4 locations around the city, so no matter where your family is, you’ll find one of these restaurants close by. This chain offers authentic southern Italian fare, but is famous for its Neapolitan style wood-burning pizza.  From start to finish, your family will be impressed with the food, regardless of what is ordered. For more information