The Consumer Choice Awards

The Consumer Choice Awards

Executive Suites in the GTA

We are humbled and proud to say that we were not only invited to the Consumer Choice Awards (CAA) but also won the “Executive Suites in the GTA” award. This not only strengthens our belief in the people that we work with but also in our clients. We recognize the power in this platform and the vast support and loyalty our clients have given us.

The Consumer Choice Awards is a detailed, explicit selection and research data conduction process that brings forth companies that are customer service driven and excellent at what they do. Their aim is to provide a reliable and trusted platform that is for the customers and by the customers. Recognizing a multitude of companies, supported by real votes and showcasing true champions in each industry.

The Toronto Luxury Suites’ team strives to provide our clients with the highest calibre of long term and short term stays in some of the best condos in heart of Toronto. Our clients are our top priority and we ensure the success of their stay by operating with the utmost integrity and respect.

Without the support of our clients, the dedication of our team and the Consumer Choice Awards (CCA), we would not have been able to receive this honour. We want to say thank you. We will continue to strive for the highest calibre of excellence and perfection so that we can provide you with the very best. To our readers, our clients, our family, we look forward to taking care of you on your next visit.

As a thank you to the CCA, we wanted to give our readers a little bit of history about their platform and what they do; so that you could also be informed and support not just us in our category, but other fantastic companies that have been awarded as well.

The Consumer Choice Awards Selection Process:


Step 1: Determining Categories

The categories are identified through a thorough process, making sure that the industries chosen are what is most important to today’s consumers. With the consideration that the companies provide a uniqueness to the market, the CCA strives to maintain a process to deliver standardized categories across all markets.

Step 2: Filling Up the Categories

Using their unique and systematic methodology; CCA analyzes market surveys, industry directories, online databases, online nominations and industry records to narrow down the consumer’s search for the right companies. It can be extremely overwhelming for individuals to sort through the amount of information available to them. By creating categories with companies relevant to the customers, the consumer choice awards makes life a lot easier for the everyday user.

Step 3: Selecting the Right Companies

Keeping the customers in mind, the company sorts through all the available data to eliminate non-qualifying candidates. Along with this, they evaluate potential candidates by analyzing customer reviews on their experiences with the company. This is done through platforms such as: Google+, Houzz, Homestar, YELP. To evaluate ratings, posts and recommendations and information is collected from platforms such as: BBB Rating, Facebook, Homestar, Houzz, social media, etc.

Step 4: Nominating Award-Winners

The last step is to give you, the consumer, information on the companies as well as the power to nominate potential award winners. For this step, they use two major sources to evaluate and present the Top-Ranked Service Providers, which are: SSI New Market Research Survey and Consumer Choice Award Market Pulse Surveys. Combining the information collected through these two sources allows for the best companies to be ranked in order within their respective industries and categories.