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Furnished Rental in Toronto

The search for furnished apartments for rent in Toronto should not be a difficult experience. You want to prioritize quality and convenience so that you can focus on what matters most during your trips, whether your stay is for business or pleasure. Toronto remains a diverse and active city, and one of Canada’s hotspots for personal travel and corporate activity.

furnished apartments for rent in Toronto provide significant advantages to our long-term guests. If you are here for business, we understand what amenities are important to you while you are here conducting business. You need a quality workspace, a space to relax, a well-equipped kitchen and access to fitness areas for those who want to work out. Toronto Luxury Suites provides all of this and we will make sure we find the perfect place for you!

We also understand that there are many reasons that you visit for personal reasons. Maybe you are here to spend extended time with family, or you want an extended vacation to get to know our great city. Our furnished apartments for rent in Toronto offers the perfect spaces that you can stay comfortably, especially if multiple visitors are visiting and you need more space than a small hotel room.

Who wants to stay long term in a small hotel room with noise in the hallways, only restaurant dining available and no feeling of home? We at Toronto Luxury Suites give you the space and luxury that any hotel can offer, with no extra fees added at check out, as you check out from your accommodations.

We offer the best of both worlds. Toronto Luxury Suites are well designed with high quality furnishings, well equipped with premium appliances, beautiful outdoor spaces, custom made luxury mattresses, en suite laundry, Turkish luxury towels and so much more. You will not find any furnished apartments for rent in Toronto that can match our premium standards.

furnished apartments for rent in Toronto offers several advantages over traditional hotels and Airbnb properties. You are provided with great amenities, luxury accommodations and better corporate pricing. The value that Toronto Luxury Suites offers our clients is one of many reasons that we look forward to welcoming you home!

We are waiting for your call and want to get started finding you one of the perfect furnished apartments for rent in Toronto by Toronto Luxury Suites right away. Give us a call at 866-949-1848 and we will find you the luxury home you deserve. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Choose Furnished Apartments?

Furnished properties provide significant advantages to corporate tenants. Chances are, you’ll need a work desk, a relaxing area to lounge, access to a gym or pool, and access to an equipped kitchen when you’d rather cook than eat out. Instead of bringing these things yourself, a furnished apartment has the whole package ready for you when you move in.

There’s no need to pack and move all of your furniture. You book your unit, move in for your stay, and leave when finished.

Business suites offer several advantages over traditional hotels and Airbnb properties. You get the same flexibility but often receive better corporate pricing. You can also stay for longer periods of time too. Value-wise, furnished business apartments are the ideal choice for today’s busy executives.

And best of all? You get access to a home that has premium finishes, guaranteeing that your stay will be comfortable, enjoyable, and suited to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does My Monthly Rent Cover?

Business suites come with a variety of furniture and amenities you would find useful, including:

  • UNLIMITED Internet access
  • VIP Cable with FREE PVR
  • Local Calling
  • All Utilities
  • Twice a month maid service
  • Office and computer labs (varies by building)
  • Laundry services (All suites have washer/dryers)
  • Conference centers (varies by building)
  • Gyms and saunas (All buildings have gyms, and more, depending on the building)

Does My Unit Come With Parking?

Yes, many of our suites have parking available for $10/night, all of which is underground. Check our listings to see individual suite features.

Businessman Using Laptop

Can I Bring My Pets?

In most cases, yes. Many of our listings allow pets within the building. You don’t have to hire a sitter!

Can I Bring Guests?

Yes, our business suites often allow multiple visitors. Check individual listings for exactly how many you can bring at once.

What If I Have Special Needs?

Just get in contact with one of our staff members for any special requests. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Get Yours from Toronto Luxury Suites

Do you need business suites in any of the following locations around Toronto?

  • Yorkville
  • King West
  • Bay and College
  • Midtown

If so, the added value of our services could make the difference between a smooth, hassle-free business trip and a frustrating one.

We always maintain our commitment to your satisfaction, comfort, and privacy whenever we’re offering a new listing. Expect only the most premium accommodations when dealing with Toronto Luxury Suites. Get a nice, luxury furnished apartment in Toronto with us today.

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