There’s An App For That

There’s An App For That

The best mobile apps for living in Toronto

Need help finding the perfect place to meet up with friends? There’s an app for that. There’s an app for everything nowadays, and we wanted to help you out with suggesting some of the most helpful apps Toronto has to offer! From food trucks, to making restaurant reservations, Toronto has some of the best mobile apps to make sure you always know when and where events are taking place around the city!


In addition to their extensive website, BlogTO has everything you’re looking for. Looking for the best brunch spot in your area? Well look no further, Blog TO offer you the best suggestions on where to go, and what to expect when you get there! No matter the occasion, this handy app is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest Toronto news and trends!

Open Table

Ever wish that you could make a table reservation with just a click of a button? Well now you can! Not only that, the Open Table app also allows you to locate the greatest restaurants, find open tables and you can even earn points for every reservation you make! You can search by location, menu and the best restaurants around the city. This app is a great addition to your stay in Toronto.

Street Food Toronto

If you like food trucks, then this is the app for you! Street Food Toronto gives you the daily locations and open times for all the food trucks in your area. So take a lunch break and try some of the best food these food trucks has to offer!

Toronto Maps and Walks

Enjoy the summer weather and explore the city with the Toronto Maps and Walks app. With a number of self-guided walks featuring the best of the city, from world famous attractions to the hidden gems, see a part of the city you’ve never explored! Toronto Maps and Walks is a great way to get familiar with Toronto at your own pace!

Best Parking App

Having trouble finding a parking space? Well look no further! The best parking app will help you find a parking spot in any area around the city. It is so convenient, it even lets you pay from your phone as well as checking how much time is left on your parking meter! Turn your city parking nightmares into dreams with Toronto’s Best Parking App!