Choosing the Perfect Rental Suite: Furnished vs. Unfurnished

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Choosing the Perfect Rental Suite: Furnished vs. Unfurnished

What type of rental is right for you?

There are plenty of considerations to be had when it comes to choosing a rental apartment. To ensure your stay as comfortable and easy as it can be, it’s important to think about the type of rental that will suit your needs best.

One of the most important decisions you will make is whether or not your apartment is furnished. We’ve decided to break down the pros and cons of each type of apartment to help you make your decision.


Furnished Apartments

Over Furnished Apartment

Furnished rentals should come with everything you need to live in them. Here are all of the pros and cons to consider when looking at furnished apartments for rent.


Easy to Move Into

Furnished apartments should be ready to move into. No need to unpack anything but your clothes and other personal items.

Travel Light

With a furnished rental, you won’t need to worry about booking a moving van or stuffing your car full of household items. Instead, you’ll probably just need one or two suitcases.

More Flexibility

Because of the ease of furnished rentals, you have the luxury of being flexible about travel plans and move-in dates. If you have a last-minute change of plans, you can rent a furnished apartment quickly and move in without too much hassle.

No Need to Spend Money On New Household Items

You will likely save money with a furnished rental. No need to purchase any additional household items, as they should be ready for you in the apartment.


Can Feel Like Someone Else’s Home

Depending on which rental you choose, furnished apartments might feel like you’ve moved into someone else’s home.

Can Come With Surprises

Unless you are careful, you may be surprised by what items are and are not included in the rental.

Can Be More Expensive

The monthly rental rate may be slightly higher for furnished apartments (though you will save money by not buying home items).


Unfurnished Apartments

As you have probably guessed, unfurnished apartments usually come with nothing but the walls and a few appliances. Here are a few pros and cons of choosing to rent an unfurnished apartment.


Freedom to Design the Rental Yourself

If you like having a carefully designed home, unfurnished apartments will provide you with a blank canvas.

Cheaper Rent

Compared to furnished rentals, unfurnished apartments tend to have cheaper monthly rental rates.


Requires Lots of Planning

In order to transport all of the furniture and household goods, you will likely need to plan well in advance and book a truck to help you move.

Not Wise for Short Term Rental Periods

Because of the complexities and hassle involved, unfurnished rentals are rarely wise for short term or temporary rental periods.


Choosing Toronto Luxury Suites for Your Rental Needs

At Toronto Luxury Suites, we provide a range of high quality furnished rentals. If you are looking for the perfect place to call home, our suites will not disappoint. We pride ourselves on providing everything you could want from a rental. We are careful to keep our design modern, luxurious, and minimalistic so that you will never feel overwhelmed or out of place in your temporary home.

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