The Perfect Weekend with your Significant Other

The Perfect Weekend with your Significant Other

Explore what Toronto has to offer.

Toronto offers some of the most diverse environments in the world which without fail extends into the very experience of the thousands of activities available throughout the city. Whether you’re spending Monday night or Saturday night with your special someone, you will never run out of amazing activities that will later turn into cherished memories. Create a new timeline with your loved one and remember, love conquers all… even snow.


Aga Khan Museum

Aga Khan Museum: You can find everything from performing arts to collections at one of Toronto’s most gorgeous indoor spaces. At this crucial time in our society, experience the exquisite contributions of the Islamic and other art communities’ that helped shape our world today. Open yourself up to a night that will feel like taking a walk through another time and celebrate the differences of our diverse community.



Don’t break the bank this season, try Winterlicious: dine in some of the best restaurants Toronto has to offer and experience the most exquisite meals at discounted rates that almost feel like a steal. Here’s the surprising thing though… it’s not actually a steal, Toronto blesses all it’s visitors and local with unbelievably great deals. Until February 8th, give your wallet a little by trying Winterlicious.


Oretta: experience one of Toronto’s most gorgeous restaurants where sophistication meets chic. Lit up with natural light throughout the place and decorated with classic jewel tones and artwork, Oretta is the perfect place for a gourmet Italian feast or to end the night with fun cocktails and dinner.

University of Toronto Astro Tours

Winter is actually in your favour for this one, the night sky during the season is crystal clear and let’s face it… extremely romantic. It’s easy to fall into the cliché of dinner and a movie, surprise your significant other with something different. Every first Thursday of the month, University of Toronto does free sky tours. You won’t miss out even if you go on a cloudy night, they also have a virtual sky tour for all the excited visitors.