3 Things You Need To Know About Furnished Apartments

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3 Things You Need To Know About Furnished Apartments

Read this checklist to help you find what space works best for you.


There’s a lot to consider when searching for a new place to call home. Price, location, amenities and so on, are all things to consider, especially when traveling to Toronto for the first time with all the different options offered in the city.  Choosing the right furnished rental for you can be a lengthy task.  We’ve created a go-to checklist, to help you find what’s right for you.


1. Explore Your Costs and Additional Considerations

The term ‘furnished’ is different to every accommodations provider/landlord. From providing the bare necessities, (bed, dresser, sofa, and table), others may provide additional accessories and decorative items, such as, curtains, upgraded light-fixtures, and kitchenware, to name a few.  Always remember to ask your accommodations provider/landlord, what exactly is included, so that you know before you move in, rather than finding out the day of.

When deciding whether to choose between unfurnished and furnished apartments, take this factor into account. Along with comparing the average monthly rent of the area you wish to live in, size of the apartment and how much you would be willing to spend on the furniture you will need during your stay. While costs may increase with furnished apartments, concierge services offered through furnished accommodation providers allow for a higher level of ease and convenience that you may value more.

For example, our entire suite collection is located in prime areas in the city, are fully equipped, designed and decorated to fit your needs whether you are traveling for work, or staying with loved ones and family.


2. Convenience is Key

Furnished apartments make moving much easier. This is where you decide, where you find the value in convenience. With everything laid out and designed to fit the space, you don’t need to worry about finding key furniture pieces when you arrive. At Toronto Luxury Suites, we provide a concierge service and a complimentary cleaning once every two weeks, to make your move-in transition as seamless as possible.


3. You’ll Be Saving, in the Long Run.

Not only in cost but in time as well. When deciding to book a furnished apartment, you may find that most all-inclusive, have higher rent and a request a security deposit. While this is an initial increase in cost, the level of service and maintenance that is covered will balance out over time.

With luxury rental furnished providers like Toronto Luxury Suites, if you need a place to stay with reasons, such as, work, relocation or travel, we have the ability to provide a number of suites that suit your personal requirements.


We hope you find this checklist useful and informative when finding the right space for you. If you are looking for a furnished apartment or have any questions, feel free to contact our team.

[Edited 01/11/19]