Flexible, short term property rentals in Toronto.

Short-Term Rentals in Toronto by Toronto Luxury Suites

Business travelers often have busy and unpredictable schedules. Meetings can move dates, entire projects could be delayed, and you’ll never know when management needs you somewhere for a little longer.

That’s why flexibility is necessary for corporate apartments. If you ever need short-term rentals in Toronto, look no further than Toronto Luxury Suites. We’ll get you into a luxury space that meets your needs — on short notice.

Our portfolio of properties offers you access to some of the best neighborhoods in the city, premium accommodations, amenities, and more.

Why Choose Us?

Extra Space

Extra Space

Corporate rentals often come with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, giving you the space and privacy you need to focus on more important matters.

Secure Entry

Comfort and Convenience

Most of our offerings come with laundry services, security, and other extra amenities. Feel at home while you’re at work abroad with a quality corporate rental.

Great Value

Great Value

Our pricing is far more competitive than regular hotel rates. Business users benefit from high-quality spaces with incredible price efficiency.

Support Staff

Peace of Mind

We stand behind our short-term rentals. Get in contact with our support staff if you need any issues resolved.

What Amenities Are Available?



Don’t waste any business time finding a place to park your car. Many properties come with built-in parking, sometimes underground.

Quiet Areas

Quiet Areas

Some suites are designated as quiet for busy travelers wanting to stay focused.


Security guards, security systems, and a 24/7 concierge service are all available on most short-term business rentals as well.



From saunas to swimming pools to billiards rooms, there’s no shortage of after-work entertainment when you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bedrooms and Bathrooms Are in Each Suite?

It depends on the property you choose from our list. Some short-term rentals have only a single bedroom and bathroom for solo travelers, while others have multiple rooms for larger families and groups of coworkers.

Can I Bring Guests?

Yes, most of our listings accept a certain number of additional guests. Consult our website for details on individual buildings.


Is Smoking Allowed?

No, smoking is prohibited within our rentals, but you’re welcome to smoke on the balconies!

Will I Have to Pay for Internet and Cable?

Our suites come with complimentary UNLIMITED Internet and VIP Cable service with FREE PVR for our business clients.

No Smoking

Get It From the Experts

Toronto Luxury Suites specializes in giving both short and long-term rentals in Toronto to business travelers. It’s important to get a quality apartment and not worry about leases and bill payments too much.

Don’t be stuck with the hassle of a hotel room. Get business-grade pricing and quality from us today.

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