What do you do when you have been asked to relocate to a new city for your career? We hope if you are looking for Temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto, you will call Toronto Luxury Suites! Our furnished units will find you the perfect temporary home while staying in our beautiful city.

Temporary Furnished Accommodations in Toronto

Toronto Luxury Suites is a great place to start your search for temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto because we offer multiple locations throughout the city so we can find you a home that will be well located near your workplace or personal needs. We only accept reservations for 30 days or more to our furnished suites.

We offer luxury suites in a variety of sizes that will fit your individual needs. We offer one, two- and three-bedroom units so you can be sure to be comfortable and feel at home when staying with us in one of our temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto.

Our temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto are luxurious and amazingly comfortable for our discerning guests. Toronto Luxury Suites offers properties with a variety of amenities so we can tailor our housing options to be the perfect fit for you. We want to make sure we can find the comfort and recreation that is important to all our guests.

If you are looking for a fully equipped swimming pool or a fully equipped fitness centre, this will be arranged by our knowledgeable agents at Toronto Luxury Suites. We can tailor your stay to fit your individual needs, whether it be the location or certain amenities.

We will also make sure that the conveniences that you need in your daily life are easily reached from your temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto. Grocery stores, restaurants, movie theatres and postal services are all easily reached from our furnished suites and we will help you find any services you need while in Toronto.

Toronto Luxury Suites wants this to be the best experience possible. We are not only here to help you settle in, but we are also able to handle any questions or concerns you may have throughout your entire stay.

Another major advantage of staying with Toronto Luxury Suites is the cost savings over a comparable hotel. You will find that our temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto can be half of the costs of a comparable hotel stay. That is a major savings!

It will be easy to budget your monthly expenses since everything is included in your monthly lease. Utilities, high speed internet, cable, parking, and any other expenses affiliated with your temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto are all included in your monthly bill.

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Why Choose Our Temporary Furnished Accommodations?

Premium Accommodations

Premium Accommodations

Even some high-end hotels don’t offer the amount of floor space you can expect from our temporary furnished accommodations.



Our accommodations come with separate bedrooms and plenty ce for you and anybody you’re traveling with.



Need room service for that quick night meal or some assistance with laundry or carrying luggage? Don’t sweat the small stuff when you work with us.



You'll feel right at home with us. Both business clients and leisure travelers alike love our condos.

Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

Enjoy high-end accommodations without a dent in the business budget. What we offer is competitive, with even the most renowned residence providers in the city.



Don’t be left in the dark when an issue comes up. Our support staff is ready to help you resolve any issues with your accommodation quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parking Included With My Rental?

Parking is almost always available for only $10/night. Consult our list of suites to see which accommodations offer parking space.

What’s the Difference Between Temporary Furnished Housing and a Hotel or Airbnb?

Temporary Furnished housing features the same flexibility as a hotel room or Airbnb. However, you have the opportunity with corporate accommodations to stay long-term. We also offer more cost-effective options than the majority of hotels.

Can I Make Special Requests for an Apartment I Select?

Yes, we do take special requests. Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss any specific needs that you may have.

What Will My Unit Contain?

All units come equipped with premium furniture, a fully-equipped kitchen, and everything else you’d expect to come included in any residential home.

Can I Bring Guests?

Many of our temporary furnished housing units do allow you to check-in with guests. Please verify that the unit you are considering approves.

Can I Bring a Pet With Me?

Yes, pets are allowed to stay with you in many of our units.

Sleeping Beagle on Comfy Sofa

Our Temporary Furnished Accommodations

Our appliances and kitchenware that is included in your temporary furnished accommodations in Toronto allows you to prepare any meal at home that you want. We at Toronto Luxury Suites understand that you do not want to dine out all the time, in the way that it is necessary when you stay in a small hotel room. You can prepare a full meal or make a cup of coffee to take to work. You will feel at home as soon as you walk in the door.

Give us a call right away and we will get to work! We want to find you the perfect place and we are just a phone call away. Our number is 866-949-1848. Please remember that we only accept leases that are for 30 days or more. Toronto Luxury Suites looks forward to welcoming you to your Toronto home soon!
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